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Posted by Craig Neil on Thursday, 7 November 2019

The Foundation for Integrated Housing (FIH) is an organization formed in 2014 by Lamont Latimer, Karina Cruz, and Jason Small who combined their skills in business and social work to create homes for individuals at risk of being displaced. "We have found that homelessness is not just an epidemic but a dangerously accepted lifestyle..."

In addition to overseeing the day to day activities at multiple houses operated by FIH, the three directors assess potential tenants and make sure all are making progress. FIH arose from personal experience with the homeless and a genuine concern for the welfare of humanity; the continued success and growth of the organization are a result of the sincere attention and time Lamont, Karina, Jason and the staff give to ensuring the residents' well-being. See Testimonials.

The mission of FIH is to provide clean and safe housing for all groups that frequently find it difficult to acquire adequate housing. The organization is integrated because housing is provided to diverse populations that include the Homeless, Indigent, Veterans, Dialysis patients, Domestic Abuse Survivors, Hard of Hearing, LGBT and the Elderly. Each group of clients is housed in separate locations; each client is housed only with a group that is compatible with that resident’s life style.

Our goal is to serve the needs of all people who reach out to us for emergency housing and/or long-term housing. We also work with clients who are survivors of abuse. We work with various hospitals in the Inland Empire to accept and house clients in a swift and professional manner. Hospitals include Arrowhead Regional, San Bernardino Medical, Kaiser Hospital Systems, Redlands Community Hospital and the Waterman Nursing Home.

Another service FIH provides is private transportation for clients as they request it when being discharged from a hospital or other facility. Some of our locations provide food included in the cost of rent, but all locations provide safe refuge for all residents. This is done in a family atmosphere where all are encouraged to get along in a kind and peaceful way.

The Foundation for Integrated Housing provides inexpensive living for those who find it cost prohibitive to live alone.

Our company provides housing and utilities with no deposit and no credit check! Our homes are structured for independent living. We encourage family networking and involvement with the community for education and employment.

The Foundation for Integrated Housing serves clients with respect, honor and genuine concern for their transitions, healing and ultimate success.

About Our Staff

Staff members Lamont Latimer, Karina Cruz, and Jason Small have found their calling in serving our grateful clients. Lamont, Karina, and Jason will make your stay comfortable and inspiring, and will work with you to create a home where all can prosper.


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